CBI Dental Studio offers a complete range of professional, British-made dental laboratory services.

From our dental laboratory in Heathfield , we offer dentists access to the finest quality dental laboratory products and services including Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Dentures and Mouth Guards. Our technology is leading edge and together with our friendly service, this is what sets us apart from other dental laboratories.

Creating an accurate colour match is a complex skill that requires a strong understanding of the interplay of hue, value, chroma, translucency - to name just a few of the factors. At CBI Dental Studio, we draw on over two decades of experience in expert colour matching, creating dental products that dentists and their patients are consistently delighted with.

We have a specific emphasis on natural appearance and much of our work is hand crafted. We focus on every detail to ensure that our restorations feature proper tooth proportions, contact heights, appearance of the patients' natural dentition in function, colour and facial contours.

Talk to our friendly staff and you'll soon recognise the high level technical capability and skills we bring to every job. With fast and efficient turnaround times, and a commitment to using the best quality components and technology, we'll support you in creating a great experience and outcome for your patients.

For further information about all services offered by CBI Dental Studio, please email to:

CBI Dental Studio